n. & v.
1 a heavy stick with a thick end, used as a weapon etc.
2 a stick used in a game, esp. a stick with a head used in golf.
3 a a playing-card of a suit denoted by a black trefoil. b (in pl.) this suit.
4 an association of persons united by a common interest, usu. meeting periodically for a shared activity (tennis club; yacht club).
5 an organization or premises offering members social amenities, meals and temporary residence, etc.
6 an organization offering subscribers certain benefits (book club).
7 a group of persons, nations, etc., having something in common.
9 a structure or organ, esp. in a plant, with a knob at the end.
—v. (clubbed, clubbing)
1 tr. beat with or as with a club.
2 intr. (foll. by together, with) combine for joint action, esp. making up a sum of money for a purpose.
3 tr. contribute (money etc.) to a common stock.
Phrases and idioms:
club-class a class of fare on aircraft etc. designed for the business traveller. club-foot a congenitally deformed foot. club-footed having a club-foot. club-man (pl. -men) a member of one or more clubs (in sense 5 of n.). club-root a disease of cabbages etc. with swelling at the base of the stem. club sandwich US a sandwich with two layers of filling between three slices of toast or bread. in the club Brit. sl. pregnant. on the club colloq. receiving relief from the funds of a benefit society.
clubber n.
Etymology: ME f. ON klubba assim. form of klumba club, rel. to CLUMP

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